The Autobiography of Malcolm X: As Told to Alex Haley

The Autobiography of Malcolm X - Alex Haley, Malcolm X Malcolm X was a violent street thug. He beat people up, robbed them, and dealt drugs. His primary source of income, however, was by being a pimp. As glorified as this piece of subhuman trash has become in rap songs and much of modern pop culture, let me explain exactly what it means.

Malcolm X kept a bunch of women as his personal slaves. He controlled them through a mixture of drugs, fear, intimidation, and physical beatings. Then, he took all the money that they made from sleeping with other men. He spent only enough money on them to make sure they were fed, clothed, and had a small apartment.

Eventually, Malcolm X was arrested and sent to jail for a long time. Once there, he realized that there was a much better racket than armed robbery, drug dealing, or even pimping.

Professional racism.

Malcolm X was an innovator; like future successors including Louis Farrakahn (who, incidentally, Malcolm X's daughter is convinced was behind her father's assassination), Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton, Malcolm X fanned the flames of racial hatred to earn a comfortable living.

Of course, for a smooth-talking conman, this new career path was a natural fit.

In a particularly ironic twist, Malcolm X, who had beaten and raped multiple women as a pimp, constantly invoked the need to "protect our black women" in his speeches. He constantly paid lip service to how much love and respect he had for black women. This would be the equivalent of Hitler professing his love for the Jews after being captured by the Allies. (And yes, I try to avoid Hitler comparisons, but it's so damn natural in this case)

Unlike Martin Luther King Jr, who preached a message of love and unity, Malcolm X preached hate and division.

This is why white segregationists never had much of a problem with Malcolm X, while they hated and feared Martin Luther King Jr. For white racists, Martin Luther King Jr's message was the dangerous one, while Malcolm X's desire for all-out racial warfare and mass murder is exactly what white racists wanted, as they felt it was a war they would win.

It also explains why Martin Luther King Jr was shot by a white segregationist, while Malcolm X was killed by his one-time friends and brothers, the Nation of Islam.

It's a shame a wonderful, holy man like Martin Luther King Jr was killed. It's no shame that a professional hatemonger, racist, and despicable degenerate like Malcolm X was killed by his fellow thugs.

The fact that Malcolm X is revered by so many young white liberals today (who he hated and wanted dead), and his autobiography is required reading in posh universities is a part of what's presently wrong with the US.